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 Me, My Clan and Our History.

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Me, My Clan and Our History. Empty
PostSubject: Me, My Clan and Our History.   Me, My Clan and Our History. EmptyWed Dec 17, 2008 8:44 pm

lol BAD ENGLISH RAWR (if u were trying)

Kays my turn. Er... Started in iGunZ, players as dragonzlayer and then as NatakuEx. Joined the best SG clan, DeathGodz lead by Metahawk, admins Lavo, Impulsetorm, Inosis. Pros and <3 them ^^. But now inosis like ego much soooooo FUK YA..... btw i got introduced to IGunZ bya tuition friend... then introduced it to kumar who later introduced to manoj....

Then in sec school, i dint want to come back to gunz due to the need of much commitment. Then i finally decided to join at around february. The name MrZenic came up in ma brain so i took it. And there and then i started my journey. The name -Ch3m1c4L- was actually inspired by an unknown soldier front player i met in game. @ Lv10, i started by journey in a Private Channel. Made -Ch3m1c4L- with a few randoms. And the only person i could remember as the most longest serving admin in my clan would be xDevilW3ix (im not sure of da spelling' my bad). He is da best ^^

Kays carrying on.... my clan was quite active... avg mem online = 4/5?.... then i learnt the all powerful only god knows wad command, to kick ppl who are offline.... and man i made our clan the most active clan in the history of gunz.... lal. Since tht day, avg no. of ppl online increased to 8-25. Used to have great members who are sporting enough to come into rooms as told so when needed. Soon soon soon, my clan evolved.

We began inviting better and better kstylers. Soon enuff, we got some core members. Started stealing rooms for fun and love of dominating a game. What people don realise is that I, the roomstealer actually controls/caters to what players in gunz plays. If i create duel rooms, it is them who play it. And when i say cater, i ensure that in the specific channel, there is a reasonable amount of DM, Atk Def, Duel and most insignificantly Quests (Hardest to support). Of course i will have to cater to the different respective viewpoints / needs of the community. Some may demand SG MY games while others prefer open games. My life as a roomstealer isnt one to be 'Glorified' of. You get spams/flames here and there. Insults right smack in ur face. And i juz go.... its for the LaLz. I have also came up a team of prof roomstealers which inculdes chrisofwar, justice and sycohunter. Yea PROZ MUCH. <3

Clanwarwise, did well in may/june with a highest ranking of 4!... YAY ! thnx much to all <3 <3 <3 <3. Especially manoj and kumar for being my CW advisers wakakaa.... (unofficial) Our score wasnt good but the number of ppl cwing at one time is completely prodigious!

One of the most 'saddest' thing that happened in my clan was the 'death' of a clanmate whom i was close to. A member who was most passionate about gunz died of smoking. He had cancer or smth. He was away for weeks and the day he was back, he got himself prems. And he told me about his condition and stuffs. And i pity him for choosing to play gunz at his last hours and as such..... i even made a thread about him in gunz ijji which caught attention of many players...

The day i disband my clan, is the day i give up to trolls.

Peace to him, peace to my clan and <3s
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Me, My Clan and Our History.
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