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 How to connect/use ventrilo ?

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How to connect/use ventrilo ? Empty
PostSubject: How to connect/use ventrilo ?   How to connect/use ventrilo ? EmptyFri May 09, 2008 3:52 pm

Okay i did this my self. + MrZenic

Download Ventrilo at if windows download the one saying i386 or smth.

You should be able to see a green-framed box and a red-framed circle

Click on image to enlarge

How to connect/use ventrilo ?
For the user name, u click on the arrow which looks like ->
and press on New and type a name, which we can identify you easily.
Leave the other things blank and press ok.

Username Eg Max
And phonetics is like how u pronounce it so type Max again.

For Servers, your click on new, and type the server name, which we say. for the host name also your must put the hostname/ip we give you And the port. type in

IP: 37975

Next press okay and then connect to the server click on the channels. To talk and hear

If you dont have a micophone. u can send signals by pressing the Talk Hotkey.
U can set this up at Set Up. Tick talk hot key then set a button.
Default is left ctrl.
When u press this button we can hear TEET TEET.

- Manoj
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How to connect/use ventrilo ?
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