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 Error Codes & What they mean

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Error Codes & What they mean Empty
PostSubject: Error Codes & What they mean   Error Codes & What they mean EmptyTue May 06, 2008 8:05 pm

100: Communicator does not have a UID. This Communicator must be initialized by the Master-Controller.
101: Communicator has no UID space to allocate your UID
110: Communicator tries to connect to an invalid direct connection.
200: Command has an invalid receiver UID. If you did not connect to any server and set default receiver, you must do it first.
300: Zone-Server is not connected to the Master-Controller.
301: Zone-Server tries to invalidate the Master-Controller.
1000: Invalid object UID.
2000: Map file open error.
10000: You entered an incorrect password. Check the capital and small letters.
10001: The same ID has already logged on.
10002: The version does not match the server.
10003: You cannot enter because there are too many users.
10005: Failed Authentication
10100: The character name is already present.
10101: You have used characters that are not allowed.
10102: The name is too short.
10103: The name is too long.
10104: Enter the character name.
10110: The character name does not exist.
10111: Cannot delete the character if it belongs to a clan or has cash items.
20001: Insufficient Bounty!
20002: You are not allowed to purchase the equipment(or item).
20003: You are not allowed to arm with the equipment.
20004: You are not allowed to take this equipment off.
20005: You are not allowed to sell this equipment(or item).
20006: You are not allowed to sell the equipment(or item) equipped.
20007: Such an equipment(or item) is not available.
20008: You have too many equipment(or item).
20009: The selected equipment(or item) does not exist.
20010: It is overweight.
20011: It is not allowed to be used at your level.
20012: Cannot equip the same equipment(or item) in a slot.
20013: Cannot take off because of there is too much weight.
20014: Cannot sell the cash equipment(or item) at a store.
20015: Cannot take the equipment(or item) as it does not match your gender.
20016: This item cannot be mounted as it does not fit your level. Do you still want to get the equipment(or item)?.
20017: Cannot deposit the equipment(or item) in the Central Bank.
20018: You can deposit only a cash equipment(or item) in the Central Bank.
20019: The equipment(or item) is taken off because of level-down.
20020: Cannot equip the equipment(or item).
30000: Cannot enter the room.
30001: Cannot handle any more users.
30002: Incorrect password!
30003: You cannot enter here at your level.
30004: Intrusion is not allowed.
30005: Your entrance is prohibited.
30006: The stage does not exist.
30007: The stage is already present.
30008: You cannot make the room.
30009: There is no room available for you to enter.
30020: Cannot enter the channel.
30021: Cannot handle any more users.
30022: You cannot enter here at your level.
30023: If you have a character that is in level 21 or above, you cannot enter the beginner's or entry-level channel.
30026: There is no one that can match you.
30030: Cannot form a clan.
30031: The clan cannot be closed.
30032: The clan is already present.
30033: The number of members is not sufficient for clan creation.
30034: This member already belongs to an another clan.
30035: There is no member for clan creation in the lobby.
30036: The clan name is incorrect.
30037: This is no clan master.
30038: It is no clan master or administrator.
30039: This member already belongs to an another clan.
30040: Subscription is not processed.
30041: This member is a member of another clan.
30042: The member is not in the lobby.
30043: You have not joined the clan.
30044: You cannot withdraw from the clan.
30045: Cannot add an additional clan member.
30046: Your mate has not logged on.
30047: Not in the same clan.
30048: You cannot change the authority.
30049: The relevant clan member is not available.
30050: Insufficient bounty (1000 BP) for clan creation.
30051: Only those in level 10 or above can create a clan.
30052: Clan will be closed on '$time$'.
30070: You cannot apply for a clan war.
30071: Different team members.
30072: The team member is not available.
30073: There is a member who cannot apply for team game.
30080: Not in the same clan.
30081: No member.
30082: There is a member that cannot apply for a clan war.
30103: Not yet supported.
30104: Please do not use vulgar or profane language.
30105: You cannot write the same contents three times in a row or more.
30106: Prohibited to join chatting for 1 minute.
90000: Cannot access server.
90002: Disconnected from the server.
100000: You have joined the clan.
100001: The clan has been created.
110000: You cannot enter.
120000: Cannot apply for a vote.
130001: A hacking attempt was detected. Connection to the game server will be terminated shortly.
130002: This account has been blocked due to a hacking attempt. Account block will continue approximately for an hour.
130003: Connection is denied due to user's misdemeanant status. Connection to the game server will be terminated shortly.
130004: An invalid file has been detected.
200000: You cannot start the vote.
200001: You cannot proceed the vote for the ladder game.
200002: Voting already started.
200003: The vote failed.
200004: 10 seconds remaining.
200005: 30 seconds remaining.
200006: 60 seconds remaining.
200007: The personnel is many too much.
200008: '$player$' isn't ready.

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Error Codes & What they mean
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