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 Haiya Syafiq[FatalFate]"s Imba History !

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Haiya Syafiq[FatalFate]"s Imba History ! Empty
PostSubject: Haiya Syafiq[FatalFate]"s Imba History !   Haiya Syafiq[FatalFate]"s Imba History ! EmptySat Dec 20, 2008 12:12 pm

Ok.Your history all noob kk,mine=best.time2start XD. i primary 4,friends ask me play i like sure igunz 2004 like ***** cause i kena owned damn bad..damn sian...uninstall...den 2006,friend ask play laaaa close beta of Ijji GunZ .. my ign=Korrupt94 =)...den i still kena owned damn sian...but i met a friend ... my 1st ever friend in gunz .. Albert Ngheim[BertyReturns]in the same clan lols !!! XD and den we split cause clan close la,,go to Adam Shahs[Sad Statue] clan,,Cube if i'm not mistaken..he damn pro la.teach me alot of stuff..k-style .. den i keep 1 vs 1 him every den i developed skeelz kk...Sooner or later from losing 30-5 to him..we keep drawing 30-30 lol XD.but den he close clan join 21Tiong..i join also xD den i met Haik[Tim],durign that time i had a choice either follow tim or XxDimmuxX...i joined tim cause he seems harmless XD..1st ever imba clan kk -Cmi-Kewl- XD den tim and dim merged become Ayukon !!! but before merge i joined Arts..Dim's clan XD ah well =)...after that merged become Ayukon..almost all pros join that clan .. even the great Carbonman he was 1st ever idol in gunz[besides tim,yuna and adam].i mean his so cool sia..go in room ego like siao..den yuna intro-ed me to him and his like "Whos The Random?"during that time,i dotn care much cause i was talking to the FIRST GUY IN SG/MY JOIN OCEAN KK OCEAN !!!!! den i found out he same skewl with me den we bond XD...den he like follow me go alot of clans la....Terminate,Ryoutaru,Ayukon,Platinum[Jeromes Clan],hell even Project R[Berty's clan]

Man his so cool XD , usually he carries me cause he has the proest lead known to men @ that time...but i was sadded when he left gunz =(..i had no friends ;(..but he left a legacy...a legacy that i was determined to be the best.beat the best and be the king of kings...and i've yet to accomplish that goal even up till today =(....

ive helped -Ch3m1c4L- move up the ranks to 4th spot[by far best accomplishment in -ch3m1c4L-]...helped jeromes -Precise- move up to 1st spot !!!! Imba !!!....den helped Berty's MightyDucks,ProjectR,TypeR,HondaR,HondaReturns,And the Final clan ...FreakyIV into tourny =) but we crashed out due to our lost agaisnts Astharparhim =(( sadded..

Preety much sums up my history...if you think uve been with the best...ive been with the best wayy longer than you skidz so dont ego over pixels and grab a napkin homie cause YOU GOT SERVED
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Haiya Syafiq[FatalFate]"s Imba History ! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Haiya Syafiq[FatalFate]"s Imba History !   Haiya Syafiq[FatalFate]"s Imba History ! EmptySat Dec 20, 2008 1:17 pm

Lol. So that's where you get your ego from. :p Oh well now I suck. All own me ezpz. 1 word


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Haiya Syafiq[FatalFate]"s Imba History !
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